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This took a while to do O__o'
It started with my sketch here:
And decide it need a proper picture than just...that,of course! XD

Outlined in Paint SAI,Colored in Adobe P.
The glow gem stones where taking the longest time.
I had fun with coloring my bat at least : D
I surely adore her :love:

Im quite inspired of Mr. Don Bluth (well allways been since a kid/teen,but changed more to anime - eh but im trying to go back to my root now,but will do anime now and then..I guess XD )
I still say I haven't done it his way of course,as I needed to shade it 8 D
-well yes,I know he shade is charas...but mostly theyre not veeeery heavily shaded.)
So this was not a atempt at trying anything like him,more saying the style is more close to Disney& ..mine?, sort of :3

I just miss to see more old school Disney cartoons and well,perhaps why Im chagning it a bit from anime for a bit...hmm yes.
Today's cartoon is more sugar-rush made,if you ask me ^^' -No offence meant people,they can be ok and fun sometime,but seeing that as the only cartoon type to watch is a bit....ehem..way too much for me now..before at least you could varie.
Nowdays I can only choose from:
1. Sugar hyped rush cartoons (meaning those with cartoon network/nickelodeon looks)
2. 3D graphical animations
3. Anime (only proper drawn cartoon most of time)
.... and thats mostly it O__o' Mama mia...ah well,good I don't watch TV anyway XD

Ehem anyhow,back to my Bat >_>'
So she is in her nice little cave with gemstones pinged in the wall.
(White Bat and a cave wih glow gemstones could be a nod to my old bat character,Caddy XD)

Ah anyhow,this pretty *unameless yet*  girl just enjoy the suroundings of her shiny home,
til she noticed you peeking in,and she greets you witha hello. :3

EDIT: Finaly she told me her name - it's Sheillah Moonpearl!
She is a white bat with long snout and all she wears is a flower necklace.
 (sort of like my ghost chara from…

The cave was done the same way I did my contest pic:…

It took me a while to do this pic,it had to wait a bit inbetween as I did not feel to well (that gos for my B-day tooyeah  sure was in pain ^^')
*cough..cough* but ehem,anyhow Im happy with the end result ,dosn't look to bad,but then again - I worked on this's Win8 have no clue if onother comp's it will look right >_>'
I also did not go for my heavy shading,but rather a soft coloring :3

The lovely Bat fem chara,Sheillah Moonpearl belongs to me,and so does the rest of things in my pic :iconnorngirl:  >: O
NO stealing - Thaaaank Yooou - insert Beedle from zelda WW here XD  - 
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MCN51FJ Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017
A really great character design. The colors really do bring out the mysterious and feminine atmosphere from her. Her expression makes look seductive and alluring and I like the pink rose petal choker with the two little petals fluttering off. The cave looks very homey for a lovely female bat like her; colorful sparkling gems decorating the interior. Don Bluth certainly is an inspirational artist with his unique art style. Great job.
norngirl Featured By Owner Edited Apr 13, 2017
Thank you a lot kindly! I used to draw a lot Disney & Don bluth styled cartoons when I was younger,then I switched over to anime style mostly.
I felt that I nowdays want to draw more of what I used to,but I am going to draw anime still too as well.
My first try getting back to the style was my angel koala picture,next was my opposum wigh the nightsky and the watrfall and then I made her. (all of them is in my gallery)

I allways adored Don bluth's style with the cute feminine seductive look and the blush cheeks - it have inspired me a lot and is what I prefer when I 
draw cartoon girls,specialy the blush cheeks is a must.
The choker (I know I type necklace,wich is wrong thought) - is something I love to draw a lot and think flowers is a nice combination. :love:

I adore & love bats so much and been drawing many (just few is in my gallery),but Sheillah is one of my newest and I wil draw her again along with another old butterfly bat I made (she is also found in my gallery).  I had a lot of work with the cave,alltought I must admit I feel I could done a bit better work,but ah well,I keep learn and try better - I guess it's not too bad,but Im glad you think it have the feel of being home like.

Thank you again for the very kind and detailed comment :thanks:
much appreciated  :thanks:
MCN51FJ Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
You're welcome. I too have enjoyed Don Bluth's art style and characters as they were some of the things I watched growing up. Yeah, Bluth always makes his females look pretty or at least the pretty ones look alluring. I noticed there are a number of other artists who try their hand on Bluth's style and its pretty impressive.
norngirl Featured By Owner Edited Apr 13, 2017
Thats cool to hear another growed up with his cartoons as well. 
Yes indeed,most of his females sort of have similarity in looks & hairstyles,too. The only ones who do not is Anastasia(understandable a bit as she is supposed to be based on reality) and specialy Crysta.
Still I love his movies and characters (wish there was more of his stuff.)
Hmm,I only came across one here at DA who really can imitate his work greatly in style so far by the username Kosperry,but I wouldn't doubt it if there is more,but as you said - amazing it is! 
I myself will probably not be able to copy it,but I did not intend to either,I think insperation along with a blend with it's own style is the best.
Afterall,I heard Don bluth himself was inspired as a kid by the drawing style of the one making the girlfriends to the guys in Bambi.
Specialy that cute miss bunny with the blush cheeks and those sweet flirty eyes - that surely show in his work of insperation from there now :aww: Actually she also was my fav )
MCN51FJ Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
I see. Well, everyone is inspired by someone or something and that's why they become known. Artists and writers are especially inspired to make stories and characters and try their best to become original in style and creativity. You can use ideas from others, but try to make it original and make your own.
norngirl Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
Original is allways best.
 Insperation comes in all kind of forms,not only from people.
MCN51FJ Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
That's true.
AzuelZorro102 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah I was gonna say this style reminded me a bit of Don Bluth's animating style...

Good job! :3
norngirl Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016
Thank you kindly,yeah he and disney been a lot of influence on me since young ^^
Thats what I wanted to try on this doodle as well -…
AzuelZorro102 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
eh, the jaw on the possum seems kinda messed up, but otherwise, very Don-Bluthy! XD
Rutogirl Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016
I love your bat she is so  beautiful! And so is her glowing cave too! I just  love the details you added on her necklace :heart:  and all those beautiful gems!  I would visit her cave if i could ^^! Also the texture on the cave is great done. The wing detail part is really good done! And your shadings has improved too! :D :hug: keep on the great work sis! I always support you. Sorry for late replay tought.

This is my most favorite artwork!
Of course I lovr your other artworks, but when it comes to bats I think its my most fav so far!
norngirl Featured By Owner Edited Nov 13, 2016
Thank ya sis - she sure would welcome you ^^
Im still thinking I could do better on the glow gems though...but if you like it thats good : D
Hmm you think I improved O.o :aww: why thanks - seem im going in the right direction then..I hope .
Fav?? O.o didn't know you liked it that much XD
Well I do like the bat a lot,but I still say,I gotta do a new with her and then perhaps Im gonna agree with the background...feel I could do way better with,
but still is doable :D -D'aww your'e such a lil sweetheart :hug::
Hmm as of bats...what about lilac bat? (aka Nocturnal Bat) : D
Rutogirl Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016
You are very welcome sis!
I am sure she would X3 thats sweet of her she wanna welcome me~
and yes I Think you did great on the glow gems, I really like it.
You did improve! its my opinion anyway so yes I Think so you did,
also I Always fav and comment :3 when I like something or love something, I Think you did know that o.o?

hmm new one you say? then you can draw her and your lilac bat togheter?
would be nice wich a cute garden with glowing gem flower with glitters and sky with stars and full moon,with a big tree and waterfall, can add a bridge too aswell,typical chinese bridge :3 would be pretty in your style! :hug: maybe you wanna do this cute Little Picture. ^^
norngirl Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016
Oh she would! - she is that kind and caring soul,only kick out people who have no manners/politeness and is plain rude XD
(and indeed it is very sweet of her ;P )

So thats so o.o' hmm ah well if you say so - I will try...Even harder : D
Ah yes,I am fully aware of that indeed - but I did not know she was a fav fav...chara..thing thing,if you know what I mean? :D

Yes a neeeew one indeed : D I have plans for my little gal XD
(fun fact - both bat girls revealed theyre name to me on same day!  Aaaand both is about You watching them XD )
- On Sheillah - you spot her when sh is in her cave, and for Nocturna,it's you who spot her when she is about to fly away :D
Yeah that is surely inspiring - I can do Both Sheillah Moonpearl & Nocturna togheter!
That sure sound like my cup of tea *.* If I do it,I credit you for that scenery and idea!! 
-Noway Im gonna claim something like that my own when it didn't come from my fingers : D
,alltought that is typical for both of us thinking up stuff like that :nod:  )

In any case,I gonna Note it down!
AmythestAngelWolf Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Student General Artist
Ah she is so gorgeous!
I love her little collar ^^
You did very well with the glow on those orbs I must say~
And the background is good to!
norngirl Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
Thank you kindly Angelbunny ^^ I love bats and had this urge to draw a fem bat chara,so I ended up with her (sketch seen in discreption)
Yeah I love those kind of collars,but I guess the  flower variantis a hype of mine going on now,haha :D
Glad you think the gemstones pinged in the wall that glows turned out fine,it's good to hear - since im working on mom's crazy pc and it gives a differ color setting often, so I hope it end up fine on other monitors than hers :D .
Indiliel Featured By Owner Edited Jun 17, 2016
Very adorable character :nod:!
There is a funny story how I discovered this! I did not see it in my inbox, because I watched you. But I first saw it on the dA front page and recognized immediately that it must be yours :-).
norngirl Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
Thank you Susan ^^
Oh? Interessting,haha :D I thought that all newcomers art allways got hidden under the more pro's art nowdays ;P
Yep,mine indeed :nod:
Indiliel Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
My settings show the newest and not the most popular, so that is why I saw it the moment you submitted =)
FlummyFlumOx Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful! I love the soft shading on her, the colors are lovely, and I ADORE the background!!
norngirl Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
Thank you so much kindly ^^
Yeah I didn't want to go with heavy shading on it,but a more lighter and softer approach :nod:
Oh thank you - yeah the background took a while,specialy the gems,I was worried the wall and floor would melt too much togheter touch ^^'
I guess it dosn't look too bad then :3
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