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norngirl has limited the viewing of this artwork
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Is ONLY for my own private use!!

*This is for my own use here on DA and may NOT be used by anyone else, Sorry : /
I made them for myself to personalize my DA page, Thank you for understanding!!

I made this specialy because Im realy sick of how people snatch my things and spread them out without my knowlegde,leting people comment them (as THEYmade the artwork)
or post them up on free to use sites etc and I the real creator gets nothing,not even a single feedback (except from few watchers I have here).

Im ok as long they Asked me if it was ok to upload and show,as in "I appreciate your'e art therefor i respect you and ask you first" along with proper credit and a linkback..
But those are very rare....people nowdays T_T'

So I made this sign in hope to let people know that Im not too happhy about people taking and then uploading around,do as they want to with my art behind my back without some respect for the one who created this stuff in the first place T_T'

Sharing is caring,I know...but Im not famous and I dont get money for this-I do this at my free time and decide to post it on my DA page for a reason-do I really want to spread my art around,then I can simply do it myself.. 

So all I simply ask is (as seen on the sign) :

 *Don't take my art & post/upload on other sites without permission,Thanks!

Made by and may only be used by :iconnorngirl:
Indiliel Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
Very important message.

But I would suggest to make the background of the sign a bit brighter (or add a white frame around the black letters) to make the writing more visable =).
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October 3, 2015
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