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::GiftPic-Candice N Daisy Turn Into Renamons:: by norngirl ::GiftPic-Candice N Daisy Turn Into Renamons:: by norngirl
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A gift pic for my sweet sis :iconrutogirl:
since her chara Daisy fox is here togheter with my Candice fox,
Only the Renamon design takes is mine on both of them.
(but Renamon do belong to Digimon,of course!)

This is my second Gift pic for my sis with our fox charas,
first  can be seen here:…

This pic Took FOREVER!! X_X' And even so,
Im still not happy with the end result (the background look so empty...I did try fix it...)

They are supposed to be small & big eyed as it reflect theyre original looks!!

I had an idea of mine and my sisters characters being both foxes,I thought it could be fun drawing them as the ever popular and cool fox digimon,Renamon.

So a little story sprang to my mind. Candice and Daisy somehow end up in the digital world,
and turned into renamons. Candice worried what to do to get back home and become normal again,while Daisy is amazed about the digital sky,full of it's 000101001010.

I got renamon vers of Candice much better here,
The quick drawn doodle dosnt capture her cute innoncent self:…

Maybe going to do less nature background? I don't feel I do them much justice T_T'...

I tried to capture the digital world vibe as much I could by looking a few digimon adventure pics,with the white dots,
as well odd stuff (I choose a CD-Rom,as why not? Digital,computer and all that jazz,just fit)

Daisy fox belong to :iconrutogirl:
Candice fox belong to me,:iconnorngirl:
Renamon designs for Candice and Daisy
Renamon belong to Digimon,BandaiNamco
Rutogirl Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017
I know you did work hard on this gift for me,and I must say you did a very lovely work!
I love how you did draw my Daisy as a Renamon,she is so cute! and for your's is so cute too aswell!and also so cuddly!
Bright colors on Daisy & Candice make them standout more in the picture! 
 I think the backround isnt that bad I think it looks intressting somehow with the CD detail in it an the grass looks so soft,and for the bushes I think you did shade them nicely and colored them greatly! I need to practice more on  trees and forest XD...
for the sky? well I like the details with the numbers you added in the blue sky with the typical digish glitter details in the whole Picture!
The sand looks so good and detailed and so soft too! I would love to walk on it X3!

You even did capture our characters expressions for this digi theme, ( where am I? what is this for place? O.o..)
that does matter most! that you captured the feelings and expression on the pic,and you made the artwork with hard work! with alot of love!

Thank you alot for the lovely gift! :hug: :love: :heart: it is very lovely!!

MCN51FJ Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017
I really like this nice pic Renamon OCs or at least you and your sister's fox OCs becoming Renamon. Normally I never understand why Digimon fans intend to make or convert Digimon into characters with names and alternate personalities, however I don't really complain about it. I can see what you mean about not being satisfied with the end result, but at least tried and you keep trying until you get it just right. I would definitely like to see an improvement on Daisy and Candice as Renamon, but for now I like the pic. Well done.
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