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This journal is now updated 2017 (was former my ArtTrade only journal)
I been thinking a lot,but now I decide to change things up now!
This is where you read about  my "Do & Don'ts" in term of what I draw.

As well now I am not limiting to Art Trades,but I am up for doing Commission  for DA points.
(formely was request for DA points,but it seem to lean toward commision afterall)
I won't do anymore Collages (I Still have my last to do with my sis)


INDEX - all rule section listed:

  •  Art Trades
  •  Commisions for DA points
  • In General - both for Art Trade & Commisions 
  •   I do NOT draw & I do draw
  •   Art Styles & Examples (With Images)
  •  Character ref images needed
  • Character limit & Pose
  • Read before  Agree on Commision & ArtTrade Note!!
  • -end of page-


::DASign-ArtTradeOPENMPMN-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl

Art Trades are allways open and free,So Feel Free to ask me !!! 

If Interested, you have to Send me a Note and we discuss about it! But before doing so - 
The only two thing I ask for is:

¤ Please respect and read first at least  "In General - both for Art Trade & Commisions " 
& what I won't draw & I do draw to make it clear what you can ask for!
¤ That you put effort into your'e drawing! Doodles/Rushed art is not accepted!
When I draw I go all out,and so I expect that you at least try to do so as well!
Not cool to spend many hours on a picture only to get a half-hearted picture in return!

Commissions for DA Points! 

I am considering to try make commisions for DA points (1000) !
If Interested, Send me a Note and we discuss about it!
I only ask that if you do want to commision me:

¤ As said before,read first at least  "In General - both for Art Trade & Commisions " 
& what I won't draw & I do draw to make it clear what you can ask for!

¤ Once Commision is decided ,pay points first  and I start on the art right away! The points will be 1000 DA points.
(As im doing them like normal drawings with colors & shading - I don't do Sketches/Doodle! )
* I will keep you updated via previews via note with the progress!

In General- Both for Art Trade & Commisions :


For digital drawings - anything goes - can draw both official characters and fanstuff (as Long the fanchara is yours!) 

For traditional drawings - Keep in mind that if you choose traditional :
I cannot send the physical copy of the traditional artwork to you (sending cost money! & commision is only for DA Points)

For now,Im also Not accepting drawing own-made characters/fan characters in traditional,
as  I am unable to send home the physical artwork,it's just wrong to keep around a artwork of someone
else's personal Origial/fan character.Thank you for understanding!

Because of that,I am only accepting to draw official known video game/cartoon/movie characters (,Sonic,sailormoon, Bambi etc)
When it comes to traditional art!

 Mainly because everyone knows about  the companies and theyre characters is both wide world known.
(examples like 
Disney's Mickey mouse and Nintendo&Gamefreak's Pikachu is quite famous around the world)

 - I  don't make profit/sell any of my fanart for real money!
DA Points are Not real money and can't be converted to any either!
Fanart is my way of showing appreciation and support and I also allways  acknowldge & give proper credit.
(Please Do NOT start a debate about the legal discussion of if it's right or not to draw fanart,Thank you!)

MY I DO & I DON'T DRAW ,In general :
NOTE: There may be more to add in my do and dont's list,But if you are unsure
what I am comfy  with, just ask me and I tell you if I do it!

:bulletpurple: I do Draw:
Pretty much everything! As long it isn't anything that is from my "Do NOT Draw" list.
I draw animals and fantasy creatures a lot,but also some humanoids too.
I have a hard time with mechanical stuff,like cars (in my opinion)
Easiest  if you ask me and I let you know if I do or willing to try!

:bulletorange: I do NOT Draw:
* Nudity/NFSW/Adult material in general
*Gore & Horror/Darkness/war/abuse etc
*Any form of fetish stuff!

* Yaoi/Yuri/gay characters&couples
(Sorry,but I am straight and do not feel comfy with it,No offence meant to real gay people!)

:bulletwhite: Art Examples! Drawing Styles And Traditional & Digital 

Just some samples of my Art shown.
From Art styles to coloring&shading in Digital and Traditional
I try various styles and not sticking to one style only - diverse is fun!
Sometime like to draw characters exact close to theyre original design,sometime I like to try in my take as well.
 - the only one I know I can't do is Realistic,but semi realism is sort of...ok I guess.
I mainly do Cartoon,Anime,Chibis (can do semi-realistic,but it's not the greatest - is shown as links) 
Here is some examples of the styles mentioned with art examples shown:

(A close as possible) To Original chara style: 
Note: (Click on This picture and zoom in 3x to veiw it because it's too large!)
::CloseAsPossible-Example_Prev:: by norngirl
Brightheart,NiGHTS,Komasan (Carebears,NiGHTS,Yokaiwatch)
Penguinmon&Piplup (Digimon&Poke'mon)
My own Neko Ettin breed (Creatures DockingStation)
Biyomon& Starbirds (Digimon,Mixmaster Online)
Joka&RangoLango (Klonoa-DoorToPhantomile)
Female Creatures 1 Norn (with comperation to my art versus the real head sprite)
Just so you can see that the looks are as close as possible.

As said before, I tend to do alot  Cartoon and anime.
(NOTE: Cartoons can varie from something coming close to Don bluth/disney/looney toon like most of time)
Here is a few examples:

::FewCartoonExamples_Prev: by norngirl

::AnimeExamples_prev: by norngirl

:ChibiExamples_Prev:: by norngirl
And Also  SemiRealism (Wich I don't do much of) :
::Ember-TheDragon-SemiRealism 2010::
  ::Semi-Realistic Scaler::

:bulletgreen:Digital or Traditional Drawings:

I usualy like to draw both traditional and digital.
When not on computer - it's Traditional with paper & pen and markers.
And when on computer - it's digital with my Mouse and Paint SAI,Adobe Photoshop and even Ms Paint!
Sometime I like to combine them both.
 (traditional drawed& colored character with only background made digital by me)

Traditional combined with digital background/color:
::DigitalTraditional_Example_Prev:: by norngirl
The Yokai pic is drawed traditional,but colored in digital,same for the Lion&Tiger.
The PMN pic is drawed outline with some marker pen coloration on her
 but have digital background,so do the Scaler pic with Steve Fox,only he is colored traditional.

Digital only:

Done some digital art and try practice more on it.
Most have textured colored backgrounds I allways do for my art digital&traditional alike,
But a few have scenery (wich I try to practice now and then,but think I need to draw more to get better..)
::DigitalArt_Examples-Prev:: by norngirl

:bulletyellow: Character Reference Images:

Allways need good reference image of the character(s) you want
 with,since it proven a lot of help!
Be sure you have many images of the character you want me to draw!
Specialy if it is your'e own character(s) and if it's a character I am not familiar with.
On a side note, it might happen I add my own made accesory/cloth etc,but only if it is ok
for you to do so,of course - I allways ask permission before doing!
Usualy this is a thing that just happen if I asked and was allowed to make own accesory/cloth
and/or I had it very difficult with getting said cloth/accesory looking right ^^'
i will most likely NOT draw character based of text discreption only -
sorry,but it dosn't work for me.

Character Limit:

Oh and also - There is really not a character limit,but stil - I don't want to do an Art Trade with 100 characters O_o'
it truly depend on the characters you want and how much work it is with them - Keep in mind,it would be just fair if I ask same amount of characters you draw for me if you ask me to do more character than one if it is an Art Trade!
Also if you have a pose in mind,
give a image and I can try do something alike it,otherwise I draw it just the way I want

Read before  Agree on Commision & ArtTrade Note!

I allways try my best to draw and finish it as fast I can,I am quite fast drawer - but It WON'T be a rush/hurried pic!

Even thought im fast, sometime some art may take longer depending on the color process
and sometime real life can be in the way slowing it down too. 

If I have more than one Art Trades/Commissions,
I try my best to finish them all in a reasonable time frame,
Commision have to go first,of course - but that dosn't mean Art Trades have to wait long because of that!
Sometime I manage to do more than one at same day - it really depend! 
Should there be anything in the way,I will notify you with a note and tell if there is anything that delay (real life,sickness etc)

In any way - I will allways put my heart and soul in what I do,I just don't want to make people wait!
So Therefor I do try resume my work as soon I can if there would be anything in the way!

So thats why I mention once again, if you who plan to do Art Trade with me 
I do hope you will do the same for me
-  I think that people shall respect and treat each other equally!
Nothing feels more horrible than doing a lot of hard work on a picture to someone and then in return
you end up with a quick put togheter pic without effort and care,just to recive quickly
nice art! so please do not give me anything like that in return!
I think a fully colored picture is more proper and it's just fair that we both do our best
to do an honest Art-Trade on both sides :3

So if interessted in a Art-Trade or commision then note away!
Thank you for reading! :3

Bullet; Orange-Norngirl-Bullet; Purple 

  • Listening to: Various music I like ^.^
  • Reading: Nothing,it's all about art&gaming
  • Watching: My pile of scraps ;_; Mama Mia..thats a lot!
Jahpan Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I am totally interested in a art trade with the digital background with scenery if your open!
norngirl Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016
Hello there ^^
Yay glad someone takes ineteresst in my art trade! :w00t:
I am allways open for art trades ^^

Sure thing! Your'e very welcome to drop me a note and we can talk over it there ^^

Just make sure you readed my journal with my do and don'ts X3 (Hope you do not mind the mass text)
Jahpan Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
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