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  ::DASign-NorngirlMEMichyPMN-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl: - "Hi! This is my Art -Progress section!
 You can also check out my News & Art Trade Jourlans Here ":
:writersblock:For my news,go here:writersblock: Norngirls' Main News Corner!
:floating:Interessted in doing Art Trades or want to see my Art Progress? :floating:
Chek ArtTrade Rules Here :::Norngirl's Art Trade Rules!:: 
Chek Art Progress Here:WIP - Norngirl's Art Progress

19 Jun 2017 - Small updates - YAY for my delayed Bday gift!

:writersblock:For Art Trade Rules & Request for DAPoints,go Here :writersblock:  :Everything about Art-AT and Req for points:ALL ABOUT ART!

This journal is now updated (was former my ArtTrade only journal)
I been thinking a lot,but now I decide to change things up now!
This is where you read about  my "Do & Don'ts" in term of what I draw.
As well now I am not limiting to Art Trades,but or Request (by DA points)
I won't do anymore Collages (I Still have my last to do with my sis)

INDEX - all rule section listed:

 Art Trades
 Request for points
  I do NOT draw & I do draw
  Art Examples  Character ref images needed
Character limit & Pose
Read before  Agree on  Reuqest and ArtTrade Note!!
-end of page-

Art Trades are allways open and free,So Feel Free to ask me


Art Progress!

This is where I have my Art Progress shown!
As you may notice - ArtTrade and News have theyre own sections!

Chek often here as I update it often with the progress of the Arts Im posting up!
Read my News if you want whats going on and Read Art Trade if you are interessted to do one with me :aww:


ART PROGRESS IN GENERAL:  medium sign PMN PEN by norngirl

This is my Main Art Posting List

In progress:

*Making Zora Chara Cards....Started with Sis Request..


Tabunne/Audino & Lunamon - Im doing Tabunne/Audino,sis :iconrutogirl: is going to do Lunamon - digital style 8 D
(I am still waiting for my sis to work on this with me - Last Collab On Hold ! 

* Some personal digital art I started but have not finished...>_<' 

(Old pics from 2007/2008 and 2010-2012...Is On Hold....-sigh- )

Requests (Cost 100 DA Points) :  :smallpenPMN:: by norngirl



ART TRADES ON-GOING SO FAR: :smallpenPMN:: by norngirl


Conserning People doing Art Trade with me:
This is where  I have done my art trade part but
the other person still haven't done theyre part in months or more without leting me know
(this has happend me very rarely,thought)

Status: None


::Chibi Norngirl Request:: by Rutogirl :::CrystalSplit Chibi Request:: by Rutogirl
:heart: Big thankyou goes to my sis doing this two dollies for me:heart:
  :hug: Sister Stamp by HappyStamp :iconrutogirl: :hug:
::DASign-FluffM_NoPermission-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl::DASign-ForestM_NoFavs_PlzTellMe-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl::DASign-ForestF_NoLLAMAS_Zzz-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl::DASign-LongearM_NoStealing-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤::DASign-CommentPlzAbout-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
::DASign-ChocoNornEndLine-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
Please note: Do NOT use my personal NornSigns/Icons - They where made for myself,thanks!


  • Listening to: VariousMusic *o*Dance,trance,gamemusic-Ya name it!
  • Reading: Nothing,it's all about art&gaming
  • Watching: My pile of scraps n art ;_; Mama Mia..thats a lot!
  • Playing: Sims2 UC ^.^
  • Eating: various...
  • Drinking: Mostly water
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Jahpan Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
hopefully this weekend i can get them done as i have mon off >>
Jahpan Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
what are those creatures based off in your journal ??they look so familiar to a game i know :)

also i may be slow with art i just started a new job and my weekend will be busy except maybe sat night and sunday. thanks!!
norngirl Featured By Owner Edited Dec 7, 2016
:aww: thank you for noticing them - They are Norns,from the game series called Creatures , a game that I love a lot and still is playing it :love: and is also why my avatar/fursona is based of as well.
All of my own made Signs/Icons are based of the basic Norn breeds of C1 (creatures 1,the first game)……
(and I create things for too,I have my own site with my own made things:…

I love games such as creatures and the old petz games (I have catz3 and both catz&dogz 5,wich I made some pet breeds but havent shared them yet)
I also like the sims series and may make some stuff for it at some point.

Ah I see,I hope it goes well on your'e new job, I wish you best of luck! ^^
Oh your'e welcome,the last part seem to take a bit longer than expected because of details I add  :D
Thank you kindly,Im looking forward to the pics ^.^
Jahpan Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
wow i never heard of that game but it was for the old pc 95? did they make the game playable on any newer consoles?
norngirl Featured By Owner Edited Dec 7, 2016
yes indeed,it was orignaly for win95,but also works on 98,winME,winXp (original disc) but Creatures 2 and 3 (along with DS)
was released fornewer pc's than 95/98 as much I know - I own the original discs and also a win XP bundle cd.

Actually the  creatures games (Creatures1,2,3 along with the online creatures game called docking station (it can also be downloaded for free on the internet,but online gaming do not work,but it's not a loss,you can still play as normal and share your'e creatures) is sold as various bundles and some stand alones and is optimized to work on newer computers such as win7,8 and I think 10,or so  heard!
if interessted,you can buy at  Gog:…  (contains Creatures 1 and 2)…  (Creatures 3 and Docking station)… (Creatures village,aimed for kids,but it's cute regardless -shrugs-

I never buyed any of this,as I buyed a XP edition that had all games in one:…

Aside of being a computer game,there have been only 2 spin-off playstation1 and GBA games of it,
but they are bit different to the main games.

As for petz series (if you may be interessted in it? )
Petz 5 works fine on win 7 and 8 (on win8 you have to change screen resolution)
Petz  is all about cats and dogs,but people been making more breeds and varied species you can download  (just like creatures - it can range from wild animals,fantasy,tvshows/videogames etc)

If you want any more info or question I gladly help out,just send a note ^^
Jahpan Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
ohh okay i dont think i ever played the game but i did have some games back when i had a Dell  95, 98, and XP!!

it looks cute though is the gameplay like a RPG or it kind of reminds me of maplestory.
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